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July 9, 2019

On the day that she learned of it, Bella went to Kate’s house. She banged the door, yelled, and hit her walls.

“How could you? You knew we had children. You knew he was married. What do you want from him? “

Kate stood there. Listening but not speaking; she didn’t know how to respond, but she also didn’t expect Bella to be compassionate.

Aaarg! I rushed. Okay. Our guy is Jeremy. He works in the corporate world. He has a desk and chair, computer, a place to hang his coat because he wears suits daily and a view of a beautiful lady sitting right opposite him.

Kate is the beautiful lady that sits opposite Jeremy at work. The one that cooks lunch for two, shares memes and tells him “I’m here for you,” with a smile from here to Timbuktu. I know! you know some chic who takes lunch to nani. Me too. If you don’t know that chic, then you are the one.

Bella is Jeremy’s wife. She works in the corporate world as well. Uumph! This air smells corporate. Don’t worry. I’ll lighten it up.

Anyway, I’m meeting Bella at her office. While at the parking lot, I call her. She comes running down stairs with her bag in one hand and trying to push the other hand through her coat.

“Sorry I kept you waiting. Figured flash disks have ears. Also, I need a drink. It’s been months without a drink. Let’s go to a bar down the road.

So we get in her car and drive down. Kampala is crazy. Noisy, motorbikes all over, traffic police whistling and they wear white! Or maybe Kampala is just a chaotic heaven and the police are the angels! We found the way church!

The bar has a view of the lake. It’s calm with some soft music in the background. Jamie Cullum’s Album ‘The Pursuit’ it is! I love his music. Sounds better than sitting in a banana plantation and chatting the evening away.

“I once collapsed at work and was hospitalized. Turned out to be pressure issues,” Bella said.

After being discharged, she took time off to reflect. The family had no history of pressure and this was the first time. She started piecing up things and pieced everything to Jeremy, her husband.
Jeremy had been a great lover. He took care of his family and had an excellent connection with his kids. Something happened he was barely home. He had reasons to be away each time. Needed an extra hour in the gym, work late, conferences out of town, ooh the dog ate his travel bag so he was looking for it at the hotel…

So bit by bit, he became absent even emotionally. He wasn’t helping kids with homework and was not even sexually attracted to Bella. They sleep on one bed, she touches, she dances, she offers mass but nothing! The little man doesn’t respond.

They had known each other for over a year dating then marriage so Bella knew there was a problem. His behavioral pattern had changed and it was showing.

“One time, I checked myself to a hotel to sleep and cry. This is when I realized things were out of hand.”

Bella decides to investigate.

“I was not going to hack his phone or try getting details from his gadgets.i didn’t have the time and didn’t want a heart attack. I was going mafia. “

“ Ehe, so you bought a gun and put it on his head? Or did you boil porridge to 300 degrees?” I ask.
“Wait. The story is just beginning!” she adds.

Having a partner with no integrity, honor or good character is sickening and tiring enough. She wasn’t ready for a painful experience yet. No one is ever ready anyway.

“When did you start sleeping with her?” she asked.

Okay. She wasn’t sure anyone existed but she framed the question to trigger answers. It could have been a he anyway, but she hoped she was right.
Seemed like a time of truth and truth only was here.

“slightly over a year now,” he said as he turned to her.

He dropped his gym bag, sat on the floor and waited to be mauled.

“How could you? Look at me, think about the kids…”

By now, she is pacing up and down. Hands on her waist, shaking. Bad sign this is.

“So, tell me about her. Who she is, what she does…everything!”

Jeremy gained courage and explained himself. He was certain that either way, the marriage was over so why not just finish it anyway with truth?

“I was off balance, angry, and hurt. I cried but deep inside I was relieved because I had confirmed! I was right!”

Typical human. Jeremy gave excuses, blamed the devil and even tried to guilt switch on her. His argument was that she had changed. That she no longer put in effort in anything; dressing, cooking, time together, sex…nothing. That she wore ‘sengenge ni ng’ombe t-shirts to bed and black scary stockings on her head. He was tired of her old programming.

They argued for a bit and she insisted she wanted to go to Kate’s house. Jeremy offers to drop her but she stops him. Bella wanted to deal with her emotions in a way she best understood.

At Kate’s, she is yelling. Kate, whose pregnancy is already showing, is just staring. Not saying a word. Hoping she is not axed.

“How could you!” she yelled, tears flowing.
“I’m sorry it had to come out this way but we can’t deal now. I won’t run away, I just need you to listen when calm.”

No. Jeremy didn’t pull that I wish I met you before my wife vibe. Both of them knew he was married but they couldn’t help the connection. They were genuine with how they felt and they enabled the feelings by allowing the affair to start. Kate was ready to face the jury. It was true and there was evidence.

Bella went back home. Broken. She did not serve Jeremy food and did not eat. She feigned smiles on the kids, kissed them good night and went to sleep. Called in sick at work the next few days and just reflected on things.

She had questions. For God, the universe, herself, Jeremy, Kate…

This Sunday afternoon, she sat Jeremy down. They needed to talk.

“I want to forgive you. I want to go through the process of raising the baby with you…and her. Whatever that means.” She said

He was surprised. He didn’t know how to react. Deep down though, he knew he had hurt her. He would one day make amends.

“Ala! You didn’t use tongs on his balls?” I asked.
“ No. I was also amazed at myself. It was either witchcraft or blind faith in something. I forgave.”
“How? I’d pinch his nose, drag him by his tongue and pass a lawn mower over him,” I added
“What for? Despite it all, I had a part of me that was happy. I had a reason to forgive.
“You didn’t walk with a thong on your head for a week thinking it was a wig?”
She laughed.

Their relationship was not solid but they vowed to fix things a day at a time. Bella hadn’t met Kate in weeks. One day while buying grocery at the supermarket, they met. She was with her sister.

“We met face to face. My stomach suddenly had all sorts of reactions. I wanted to pee,poo, pass out, all at the same time.”
“ You didn’t cause a scene?”
“No. I smiled, said hi and left her feeling frozen.
The only thing is that I realized I was still hurting and still angry. I asked God lots of questions and asked for healing and calmness. Iread a lot and watched a lot on related issues. One day, I felt no anger. I was suddenly compassionate. This is God.”

She orders another bottle of whiskey and excuses herself to the washroom. She gets back and asks if I’m fine. I nod in affirmation.

“I thought about the unborn child. It wasn’t the problem. Jeremy, Kate and I were. That was the turning point.”

So she invited Kate to their house in the presence of Jeremy and asked Kate what she wanted from Jeremy or what she expected of him. It was clear. Jeremy wanted to stick to his family unit.

Kate explains that she wasn’t replacing Bella and that she wasn’t up to any malice. If Jeremy wanted to be part of their child’s life, then he was welcome. If not, that was it. She was well able to watch over their child.

She was sorry that it happened. She knew they weren’t worth forgiveness but it had happened.
Jeremy and Bella had a small private discussion and agreed to support Kate and the baby. However, it would only last as long as Jeremy’s behavior.
Days went by and Jeremy became more attentive to Bella and the kids.

“He was transforming. He wanted to be there for us and he consciously showed effort.”

So Bella took responsibility with Jeremy to make everyone happy.

“The family unit wasn’t broken. We just had flows and had realized we needed to correct.”

They kept visiting each other, shopped for Kate’s baby and kept in touch. Bella was present in the delivery room.

“It wasn’t easy still, but gradually, I got better. There are times I was tempted to view the baby as a product of sin, but he was such a cute harmless thing. I was not God either. I went back to loving the baby.”

Kate later got married and got more kids and their kids played together. They would spend weekends and Christmas together. They were generally present for each other. A blended unit that had gone to hell and back but was now happy.

“Jeremy is grateful that I never left. He’d be a wreck by now. “

She grabs her glass and gulps her drink. her phone rings. It’s Jeremy. He is coming to pick her up because she musn’t drink and drive. There’s definitely a god that Bella serves that I don’t.
A tall slender chocolate man walks into the bar. He is in a fitting suit. He has this beard that is well shaven and walks with some sort of command. He walks to us and says hi smiling. He kisses Bella and pulls a chair. He asks if he can take her home already.

Goodness, I see why Kate didn’t resist this man. I want to re-introduce myself as Bella, the wife incarnate. Did he have to go with her? He could take me and pretend he was drunk! I want to activate ratchet mode but I remind myself of God’s love…or maybe it’s just the too much we drank.

I choose to order an Uber.


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