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March 12, 2019

“I’m dating her husband. You can’t hide affection for too long. Jake must have mentioned me as a friend this time, a brand of bread the other time, brand of toilet roll another time and maybe a name of a building in the city. Roza was bound to know-wives dig.”

Jake and Yuki met in South Africa. Jake on business and Yuki on a debt collection trip. You know those client who promise to pay tomorrow and they don’t? So you buy an air ticket to go collect a very small amount of money to just show them you are badass so that they view you differently. Also, your instagram needs new pictures and you are in Satafrika. Never mind, you will eat spinach in your house till end of month. Only you and your walls will know.

“He was not going to kill me. Atleast as agreed by text. We met daily until we each took our flights back. My small money was paid and I bought new shoes with almost all of it.”

Yuki on day three sinks in love. She has fought emotions but the emotions must have spoken to each other and debated on who to go first because the other one was with Yuki for two days, so it’s their turn. Beside, having taken a flight with Yuki, the emotions have exposure. They do not fight in public so they let a girl win.

Like any other girl on day three, Yuki is picturing a wedding. See, there is a way girls know marriage materials on a 1st date. They even get married and start a family in their heads by the second date. Yuki felt like she had dates the guy for over a year.

Her mother will be excited. She will summon the village and report of the Lord’s goodness. She will dance and have ir recorded then produced on tape as dance of the year because disks will make her smaller yet she is a big person. Her daughter is wedding. She will call her friends and spread the gospel for them to attend. She needed people to talk about the wedding for roughly to weeks. She will then call the tailor and ask if she can make 30 dresses in two days because she knows tailors tailor lies but she needs to get a dress out of the 30.

The beauty about marriage is that it has no manuals. You can customize it to your fit. You could be very rigid because you are married and married people do not smile nor take a poop. They sit with their legs crossed to the left and hands on their laps…or, you could be as elastic as you want because the experiences make your marriage.

Fridays were for threesomes. Roza and Jake would go to a nice bar or club. Jake would sit opposite Roza, cigar on his left, whiskey on his right. If she saw a girl, she would step on him. If they both liked her, Roza would take over. She was it! She knew when to sit straight, run her fingers through her hair, wink, smile and walk to a girl. They would take her home. Make a meal and make her the meal. Often, he would sit on his chair smoking cigar and watch the girls go raw on each other. He would soon join them. Small happy family.

“That was just a normal marriage arrangement they had. I was okay with it…but he had a girlfriend who was married to someone else. Roza had a girlfriend as well and she was married too. They had both consented. What in the actual fuck? This was a team. Too many genitalia in rotation. He wanted me to join him and Roza as a permanent girlfriend because life had more to offer than liking each other.”

Yuki felt her intestines falling in her stomach. Felt like a script. Married people sat down and made such plans? Their wives must be directly from some god hut somewhere. She pictured herself telling her parents that she was poly. Poly what? Polytechnic? Polythene? Poly what?
Her father would disown her. The dead will roll in their graves. Her mother will undress, bend and twist her behind to her face. It is an abomination. Ill-fate. Polyamorous!

“I collected myself days later. I wanted in. I was in if he is in. We are a team. I am poly. Polybutane,polybusaa,poly whatever. I am with him….Roza googled me. She did her research and send me friend requests.”

Women whose husbands you are dating don’t friend request to like your photos or compliment your smile. They want to look properly to know where to shove a knife. They are red with anger. Hearts beating at 1000 beats per second. They are about to pee on themselves and have gathered a clan to maul you.

“She must have watched war room. She wanted me to know that blackmail of any form was unacceptable to her or her husband. She confronted Jake as well.”

Men deny, deny, deny. Conversations turn to football or they shut their women with cars and money. He came clean. He loved Yuki. Yuki was here to stay. She was respectful, intelligent, knew her boundaries…she kept him sane. He would tell Roza but was buying time to assess Yuki. He wouldn’t want to drag a mistake in their lives…but women travel faster than light. Roza asked before he went open.

“I am happy. It is beautiful to love limitlessly and be free at the same time. We just had our medicals. We are all fine. We are very open to each other and communicate.”

I want to tell Yuki that society is shit. That polyamory is a bad thing and that we will harass her for not being monogamous because it is the only right way as it takes you to heaven and has insurance. That she needs skin as thick as an elephant. Her phone rings and she excuses herself.

“Yes this is Yuki. The poly one. The one with a lover who has a lover who has a lover.” She laughs. Another call comes in. She requests the caller to hang up she will call back.

“Yes babe. All good? Anything new at work?…Oh shit! You silly chicken. That is insane.” She laughs for a while. ” Okay. Send me the deets. I will follow up and send you a mail….love you back. Bye.”

Clearly there are many ways to happiness. Polyamory is one way.


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