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She is Her Garage
October 27, 2018

Your car wakes up one day and decides to take a rest and it is not even joking. It is not me so it is not high on local brew or just sad that boyfriend 001 took 30 seconds to reply to a text. It is not taking you to work or to seal that gold deal. Not even to see the girlfriend you are not mentioning to your wife. It just is not moving! It is a Nissan or a Mercedes Benz. No amount of coarsing makes it move. Not even appease by a champagne wash.
I would want to imagine that a Mercedes knows it’s a Mercedes and it has some pride. So when it chooses to stall, it doesn’t care whose father you are or how many clubs you have membership for.
So it stalls and you have to fix a few things….or maybe, it’s just a service overdue.
See, there are two types of these machine owners. Those to whom money is truly not a problem and have consistently gone to DT Dobie or St. Austins since day one. They always have a full tank and know that a car key fits in the pocket and there is space enough for a hand to scratch self if need be. They take their cars for service a week before service is due. Then there is the other ones. They will go to Dt Dobie once to change oil and get a DT Dobie sticker at the rear wind shield then they will be untouchable on the roads and be loud hoping from Grogon to Inda for fairly priced parts. They will then leave the car with Bonny who will give a list of things needed to change…but he will after a week mention that ‘the car has refused’ or he will just go missing because he forgot to mention that he is experienced in Toyota’s only and leave you looking for mech B.
You will then bump into Thogori Nganga. 28 years old with dreadlocks longer than my shoe size. You will want to decide on whether not to leave her with your car because she is female or because she is wearing a watch and glasses.
See, a mechanic should be a man. He should be in an overall and with oil all over him and no smiles….but you consult your gut and half heartedly leave the car with her. At least because you think she might be having a male to help her through.
You need an engine overhaul. She kicks bottom and calls to ask where she can deliver your car. She is done. You pay and give her a 2 day ultimatum to return if not all is well. She bravely says it is fine. 2 days. 2 weeks. 2 months…and you come back for your next service.
Thogori has 10 years experience. She trained and worked at DT Dobie but entrepreneurship spoke louder. That is way back when I was a rich kid with 2 Mercedes Benzes for I also don’t know what and was frequenting DT Dobie and remaining broke the rest of the month…She and friends have leased land in Inda and are doing an amazing job. She can pick up the car and bring back once done. She kicks bottoms!!…for guys who can not consistently go to St. Austins for service or repair. You can find her at Grogon also because mobility for her isn’t a problem. Her size can assure you…and I guess, like me, you want your car fixed by a female mech in glasses. They see better!


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