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That Isn’t The Actual Twist
February 19, 2021

So now, the two pregnancies were in a competition. You know like in an athletics competition, just around the last lap how things are tight…I knew you’d get it. So one pregnancy was earlier than the other but somehow, one got wind of the other and there was some distasteful exchange that ensued.


Aaargh, let’s call our guy Maurice and one of the pregnant females Angela and the other Annette.


The first time Angela heard of Annette, Maurice asked her to send money to his “little sister” to shop for school and pay her semester’s fee. But mobile money is just as shit as it should be. It sends the money then sends you names of the recipients, but the second names don’t match Maurice’s, neither do the third names. But then again, it’s the 21st century, your parents could just be the type that names one child South West and the other August April and life moves on. They are just names.


Anyway, I’m meeting Angela at some dingy-ish eatery. Her pregnancy is craving tripe. Fried with a lot of salt, a lot of pepper and a lot of avocado on the side. It’s one of those places you’d want to double check your typhoid vaccine first. My boyish tendencies can’t allow me to sit like a girl. Or maybe the seats are just uncomfortable so I turn the bench, spread my legs across it and sit. I step on her with my boot as I try to balance. I’m kinda sorry. Well not so sorry because aaargh she should just understand that it wasn’t intentional.


Anyway, so Angela and Maurice had done that thing you all are doing-come we stay. There wasn’t anything formal in the name of marriage. They had one child together and this was baby number two on the way…


I’ll continue next week. Just wanted to let you know the blog is back! Mahn, 2020 did a serious beating on me but hey weren’t we all struggling with the unexpected changes? So yeah, I’m back, and don’t fight me. I promise to be awesome so you’ll read something once a week because I love interviews and heck I can just zoom them!


I’ll buy you chocolates, ice cream, broccoli, cauliflower yoooo, I’m tripping. No bribes. I’ll just be here every Friday. Take care of yourselves:)


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